What are the Repercussions of a Gambling Addiction?

When an individual finally comes to the realisation that they have a gambling addiction, it is often a result of the repercussions that they are not having to deal with. It is very easy to access online casinos and for some, this can become a problem where they soon become addicted to gambling. Once this happens, life goes on a downward spiral.

Job Issues

Some gambling addicts become so caught up in their gambling addiction that they start calling into work and making excuses as to why they can’t come in. They will use excuses like being sick, or the car broke down, or they have personal business to attend to. This absence from work increases over time to a point where the person runs the risk of losing his job.

Another problem that can arise at work is that the addicts cannot concentrate on their work and as a result, their work performance suffers. Some online gamblers even get caught playing at online casinos while at work.

Money Issues

It is not long before a gambling addict begins to run into financial difficulty. They end up using all of their own financial resources for gambling activities. Then they start borrowing from family and friends and may even take out payday loans. Before long, they are in a very tough financial position.


The gambling addiction virtually takes over the individual’s life and they are consumed with it. Family members and friends are pushed aside and they have difficulty dealing with this. It can lead to confrontations and resentment in the home and the social circle.

Guilt and Anxiety

The gambling addict can reach a point where they feel guilty about their actions and anxious when they can not feed their addiction. In time, this can create some mental challenges for them which they now also have to deal with.