Recognising the Symptoms of a Gambling Addiction

There is no doubt that a great many people enjoy the exciting array of games that most online casinos have to offer. It is a form of entertainment that has a lot of benefits to it, but it is also one that can lead to some serious problems like a gambling addiction. There are some who play at online casinos to the point where they or their family may begin wondering if the individual has a gambling addiction. There are specific signs that this is a problem that is actually happening:

Thinking About this Activity Almost Non Stop

It gets to the point where an individual thinks about nothing else except getting back to the online casino to play the games.

Becoming Irresponsible

Normal responsibilities are getting ignored. Perhaps tasks like going to work, or doing things around the home are now being delayed or ignored so the time can be spent gambling.

Selling Assets

When a gambling addict begins to run out of money, it is not uncommon for them to start selling some of their assets so they can gather the money for their gameplay.

Borrowing Money

Gambling addicts have such a need to gamble that they will even borrow money even if it’s from family and friends.


If all the resources for gambling money are gone, some compulsive gamblers will then resort to stealing to get the money they need to satisfy their addiction.

Out of Control

A gambling addict has lost control over his actions. Even if they recognise that they do have a gambling problem, they are not able to control it. The urge to gamble can be so powerful that it overcomes their logical thinking.


It is not uncommon for those that are addicted to online casinos not to recognise that they have a problem, or even if they do they will still deny it.

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