Fallacies and Truths About Online Gambling Addictions

If you suspect that you may have an online gambling addiction or someone you know may have one, then understanding the truths and fallacies about it can certainly help. Gambling addiction is a serious matter and one that has to be addressed at the earliest.

Truths About Gambling Addictions

These have been recognised as facts when it comes to an addiction to gambling:

Gambling Frequency

Just because you don’t gamble every day doesn’t mean that you may not be dealing with an addiction. If when you do gamble it is in excess then this could be an indicator. There are some gambling addicts that are binge gamblers.

Not Being Able to Afford it

Just because you have money to gamble doesn’t mean that you don’t have a problem with it.

Somebody Made You Do It

You recognise that you have an online casino gambling problem but it’s not your fault because someone in your life has driven you to it.

The Myths About Gambling Everyday

  • You don’t gamble all the time or everyday, so you don’t have a problem.
  • You can afford to play at online casinos so gambling is not an issue.
  • It’s not your fault that you have become a gambling addict.

Once an online gambler begins to recognise that they may have a gambling problem, it is not unusual for them to begin to rationalise it. They do it by making excuses or trying to justify their actions. They may attempt to put the blame on someone else, or its because of their circumstances at the time. They may go through a period of guilt and in order to get rid of that guilt, they need to find a reason why this has happened without putting the blame on themselves. Accepting the blame would mean that they have the ability to do something about it.