Do You Have a Casino Gambling Addiction?

So you absolutely love to play and gamble at the casinos. In fact, it has become your favourite form of entertainment. It has become the only type of gameplay that you now participate in. So the question is, do you have a casino gambling addiction? This doesn’t just refer to the brick and mortar casinos but also can include the online version.

Here are some things that may help you determine if you are running into a problem with gambling addiction.

Difficult to Stop

Once you begin your gameplay, you find it extremely hard to call it quits. You may have said you are only going to play for an hour, or you are only going to spend a certain amount of money. That all gets forgotten about as soon as you become involved in your gambling activity.

Can’t Walk Away

It doesn’t matter whether you are down to your last dollar, or you have pocketed a win. You have the drive to continue playing until you are totally out of money. Or, even though you have something else to do or someplace to be at, you can’t seem to pull yourself away from the gambling activity.

It Becomes a Secret

You may be taking trips to your closest casino or taking your laptop to another room so you can play at your online casino without anyone knowing about it. You have a desire to play but you don’t want others questioning you about the amount of time you are spending at gambling.

You Ignore Your Basic Needs

Do you find that when you are gambling, it doesn’t matter whether you need to go to the bathroom or you are starved and need to eat, you just can’t pull yourself away from the game?

Ignoring the Recognition

You yourself are beginning to recognise your gambling addiction but the desire to play supersedes the desire to do something about it.