Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Online Gambling Addiction

It doesn’t matter whether your gambling addiction started with on-land casinos or you got caught up in this with the easy access to casinos online. It is a problem that you need to deal with as it can destroy your life.

There are many different approaches to recovering from a gambling addiction. There are even some medications that can be used to help combat this, but one of the most common approaches is cognitive behaviour therapy.

What does Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Do?

This type of therapy focuses on getting you to change your way of thinking or thought patterns towards gambling and replacing your activities which is your behaviour with more positive ones.

How is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Applied?

This is a therapy program that is carried out by trained professionals and for gambling addicts, these therapists have specialised in this one particular problem. The program will include exercises to help the addicted gambler replace their urges to gamble with other activities. For example, they will be encouraged to join some type of sport that they enjoy. This helps to burn up both physical and mental energy. It will not only include the actual gameplay but also practice so that the sport can be accessed whenever the individual has an urge to gamble.

It will also include getting the gambling addict to talk about their feelings regarding their gameplay that they are gambling on. Trying to find replacements for those feelings will be something that may be considered. For example, for many gamblers, although winning is important, they also like the rush of adrenalin that they get from playing their chosen game. Therapy may include trying to find something that offers that same rush. For example, gamblers may find that they get a rush from watching car races or even a high-energy sport. Recognising this may help them to replace their gambling urges with this new substitute.